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Success Stories

Just the thing I needed!

"Thanks Dominic, I appreciate it - you are nailing this venture. I'm impressed with the business approach you use. It really lets us investors A) know you are serious and engaged on a project B) very active in the realm with research and communication."

Mike Handy

F-16 & airline pilot

A crowd pleaser.

"A solid case to encourage investors to pursue passive apartment investing as part of their financial portfolios. Dominic uses brute force in his deals and is always a crowd pleaser."

Jeff Cohen

F-16 & airline pilot

I'm impressed.

"I'm not worried at all. If Dominic was to take my money, I know some unemployed Sicilians who would love to track him down. Nice work man! I'm impressed. Thanks again for the opportunity!"

Joe Goldsworthy

A-10/F-35 pilot

100% in on this deal.

"The business plan is sound and I'm excited to be in on this - our group is 100% in. Let me know when you send the mailbox money."

Scott Kotowski

F-16 & Airline Pilot