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  • Simple 3-step formula that guarantees your path to becoming a millionaire through passive apartment investing

  • How to easily become a part-owner of cash flowing apartment communities

  • The IRS is robbing millions of dollars out of your retirement fund with unnecessary tax (legally avoid tax with passive apartment investing)



"Just what I was looking for"

"Dominic brings actual experience to the table.  He provides a tactical plan that will save you time so you can WIN - every time.  He is making great decisions with our properties & provides a very hands-off experience that keeps the passive investor informed and worry-free."

Justin Hicks - Airline and Fighter Pilot

"I see results..."

"The Single Seat Investor will give you a no-fluff, to the point synopsis of getting started in multifamily investing & get you on your path to making money passively in real estate!  I've never seen someone implement & grow as efficiently as Dom."

Eric Ford - 27+ year investor

"This is so useful!"

"I gravitated to Dominic & his methods for the simple fact that these methods work! The real estate industry has never changed as much as it has in recent years."

Dominic's Proactive Wealth™ approach is the future of real estate.

Ryan Gerdes - 22+ year wealth manager

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