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Viper Ventures does not specialize in coaching active investors but...

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    You don't have to take my word for it...

    “Dom "Slice" Teich gave me a map and a realistic vision of the process I was going to take.”

    Kyle Benham - Active Investor 

    Arizona, United States

    Single Seat Investor was integral to my success when starting out with multi-family apartment communities.”

    Patrick Reven - Multifamily Investor

    Arizona, United States

    “Dom's book, Single Seat Investor, offers a realistic, step-by-step survival guide for the ever-growing demographic shift towards renting versus owning real estate.”

    Aj Johnson - Active Investor 

    Washington, United States

    “What an achievement. Great work and I love that you tracked the progress from start to completion to take us on a journey.”

    Eric Little - Commercial Loan Originator

    Arizona, United States

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    Buying real estate is not an easy process BUT I make it easy for you.


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    Top 10 Books!

    Book #1: Useful Guide for Investors

    Single Seat Investor is a book you can read in a short time to see if you are on the right track with your real estate investments.  

    It contains checklists and resources that will help you analyze, educate, and inform you during the purchase, ownership, and disposition of your investment property

    Research Checklist Included

    Book #2: Learn The Numbers

    This book really helped me learn how to value apartment real estate.  

    Michael Blank's approach is easily executed once you read this book.

    This is a great guide that I reference.

    Valuation Guide

    Book #3: Comprehensive Guide

    This book is a hefty read but very informative.

    The book costs a decent amount of money but the information and resources are worth the money.

    Purchase this if you want to syndicate your deals yourself or really understand the process.

    Syndication Guide

    Book #4: Open Your Eyes

    Ken McElroy has a lot of good information.

    He breaks down the complex and makes it easy to understand.

    Find hidden profits and get creative!

    A Great Book to START

    Book #5: Increase Your Knowledge

    Once your are done reading "The ABCs of Real Estate Investing," read this book.

    This is a great guide to further your knowledge and ideas to get deals.

    Read After the "ABCs of Real Estate Investing" Listed Above

    Book #6: Don't Overpay Taxes

    John T. Reed's tax book is something that I reference multiple times a year.

    Don't give the IRS any more money than you legally have to!

    Learn How-To Legally Avoid Paying Unnecessary Taxes

    Book #7: Tax Strategy

    Amanda Han and Matthew MacFarland are good at breaking down the way to visualize your tax strategy in any real estate deal.

    Taxes are boring but an integral part of you keeping the money that you work hard to earn!

    A Tax Strategy Book

    Book #8: Avoid Tax When Selling

    This book is a great resource to show you How-To sell your property and exchange it into another property without incurring capital gains taxes.

    Learn the timeline so you don't lose out on thousands of dollars when you sell.

    1031 Exchange Guide

    Book #9: Passive Investor Guide

    This book goes a little more in-depth on how to passively invest in commercial real estate.

    Use this after reading Single Seat Investor for an in-depth explanation of commercial deals.

    A Passive Investor Guide That Explains Syndications and Real Estate Investments

    Book #10: A Classic for Anyone

    This book fundamentally altered the way that I viewed the world and how money works.

    Robert Kiyosaki's books are all good but I would start with this one.

    No punches pulled!

    A Must Read for Anyone

    The Total Value Of The Books Is More Than All My Working Years Combined!

    What's The Catch?

    I know there are some websites or businesses that offer you something "too good to be true", but then asks you to buy some additional product.  This isn't one of those websites - I'm offering these resources because I genuinely want you to succeed. 

    • These books are integral to your training and success

    • I constantly reference all of them 

    • Every one of these books has saved me time and money

    • Please use the links on this page as we give the money to charity

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    All Proceeds Go To Charity

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    "The property looks great.  I like the finishes.  Nice job!  BTW, I really like your property videos.  I want to have enough of your mailbox money when I retire to never have to touch my savings."

    Brian Wilder - Retired F-16 instructor and VP, Lovitt & Touche Commercial Insurance

    Arizona, United States