Thanks Dominic, I appreciate it and you’re nailing this venture.  I’m impressed with the business approach you use.  It really lets us investors a) know your serious and engaged on a project 2) very active in the realm with research and communication.  Keep it up. 

Mike Handy

F-16 instructor & airline pilot

A solid case to encourage investors to pursue passive apartment investing as part of their financial portfolios.  Dominic uses brute force in his deals and it is always a crowd pleaser. 

Jeff Cohen

Retired F-16 instructor & airline pilot

I’m not worried at all.  If Dominic was to take my money, I know some unemployed Sicilians who would love to track him down.  Nice work man!  I’m impressed.  Thanks again for the opportunity!

Joe Goldsworthy

A-10 / F-35 instructor pilot & business owner

Dominic’s short and concise handbook, Single Seat Investor, is easily understandable for potential investors who are not familiar with multifamily real estate investing.  Single Seat Investor educates and guides you through a lucrative investment option that brings to light the importance of knowing and trusting who is the “hands on” active team member in the deal that assures your investment has profitable returns.  Viper Ventures – Thank you for giving forward to help all of our pediatric oncology families through Anna’s Foundation.  Your generosity helps our cause tremendously.

Joe & Polly Schindler

The Anna Schindler Foundation, AnnaSchindlerFoundation.org

Scott Kotowski

“The business plan looks sound and I’m excited to be in on this – our group is 100% in on the equity stake.  Let me know when you send the mailbox money.”

F-16 Instructor & Airline Pilot

Eric Ford

“I’ve been a Realtor and investor for almost 2 decades and known Dom for several years.  This book will give you a no fluff, to the point synopsis of getting started in multifamily investing and get you on your path to making money passively in real estate!  After working with Dom on his first 4 property purchases and watching him grow as an investor I can honestly say I’ve never had a client listen as intently and implement so quickly these proven strategies.  He learned by DOING and his work ethic and drive are second to none. If my own family wanted to invest, he’s one of the very few I would have 100% confidence in referring them to.  He is one of the smartest, results driven individuals you will ever meet.  I’d highly recommend engaging to see how you can benefit!”

The Ford Team & My Home Group

Todd White

“You are crushing the renovations.  Put me down for an equity stake.”

AV-8B / F-16 Instructor & Airline Pilot

Eric Little

“What an achievement.  Great work and I love that you tracked the progress from start to completion to take us on a journey.  The videos help me justify future projects!  2020 will be another year of growth for all of us.”

VP, CommLoan’s Commercial Loan Organization

Ryan Gerdes

“As a seasoned real estate wealth manager for 20 years I immediately gravitated to Dominic and his methods for the simple fact that, I know these methods work!  The fabric of the real estate industry has never changed as much as it has in the recent years. Dominic’s Proactive WEALTH approach is the future of real estate.  Whether you are a seasoned investor, a first-time home buyer, or a tenant; you are an investor.  If you are a tenant you are simply investing in someone else’s real estate portfolio.  Which category do you want to be in?  The business plan Dominic has created allows you to not only be the “seasoned investor”, but to do it in a fashion that doesn’t require the painstaking hours required to go at it alone successfully.”

Real Estate Wealth Manager,


Justin Hicks

“Dominic brings actual experience to the table.  He provides a tactical plan that will save you time so you can accurately target beyond visual range and WIN – every time.  I trust that he is making great decisions with our properties as he provides a very hands-off experience that keeps the passive investor informed and worry-free”

F-15E / F-16 Instructor & Airline Pilot

Anthony Johnson

“Dom’s book, Single Seat Investor, offers a realistic, step-by-step survival guide for the ever-growing demographic shift towards renting versus owning real estate.  You can generate Proactive Wealth by educating yourself with Dom’s systematic, hands-on experience and sound principals for investing in apartment buildings.”

Real Estate Investor