When you try to time the market, you have to do much more than get 1 thing correct –

1- Decide what’s going to happen

2- Decide when to get out

3- Decide when to get back in

Not getting one of the 3 decisions correct may lead to your demise.  A hit on a carefully crafted portfolio may relegate you to the ranks of serfdom.

If there was ever a time to decide when to get back IN, that time would likely be now in June 2020.  We are going to see some shifts in the market place that we haven’t seen in 10+ years and are already feeling the pressure due to the covid-19 pandemic and the fear it is spreading throughout all sectors.

-Real estate agents have seen drops of over 50% in applications

-Buyers are hesitant due to uncertainty

-Lock-down has complicated sales

-Mortgage rates are at historic lows

With the widespread pandemic that is extending through the summer of 2020, coupled with market turmoil, there are going to be deals everywhere.  In the real estate industry, there are going to be individuals that are displaced and that lose their homes.  There are going to be property owners that are forced to sell due to financial hardship; it will happen.  This time can be used to benefit your portfolio for years to come.

What’s your investment plan to make use of this current opportunity?

Please feel free to post questions or inputs below.

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