Like any investment, you need to educate yourself in a few of the facets regarding this asset class.  There are many different strategies for growing your wealth but what is nice about larger real-estate deals is that their returns are generally not directly correlated to stock market anomalies.  I’m not saying that you can’t make money in single-family homes, I have, but it becomes increasingly more difficult to scale that model. When you purchase a home, you have 1 property, 1 building, and normally just 1 tenant.  When you are part of a larger real-estate deal, you get the added benefit of an investment that is not affected by 1 tenant moving out – when that happens, CASH-FLOW goes to $0.00 and a lot of times, you are in the negative for at least 1-month.

Even if you have never invested in real-estate before, you can!  Part of your knowledge base needs to include some fundamentals that must be followed:

-The property must cash-flow!

-Hold adequate cash reserves

-Secure long-term debt

There is risk in every investment.  If you want to know the top 20 questions regarding passive apartment investments, go to the front page of my website and download the FREE report.