We have a serious problem; a complex and busy life is robbing you of your future wealth, health, and happiness.  My neighbor was a fighter pilot and graduated wing commander; he dedicated 31 years of his life to the United States Air Force and America.  After he retired, he started his own business and ran that for 20 years.

Read this to find out what happened when he retired…it alarmed me and made me think about what I was doing with my life.

In John Soforic’s book, “The Wealthy Gardener,” he states:

  • “Wealth grows from the seeds of desire.”
  • “…a work-life balance is not so wonderful when you spend your spare time in an uneasy state of financial anxiety.”

Burn out

Working class professionals have a way of burning themselves out by constantly loading up on tasks during their already busy day.  During a recent conversation I had with a struggling student fighter pilot, we talked about how life continues to get more complex yet we continue to shovel more on to our plates without offloading any tasks; life in effect feels ‘heavy.’  The system fails the person because the ‘system’ is not a living, breathing, thinking, and feeling organism.  The ‘system’ treats the person however the person allows the ‘system’ to treat them.  The way that you perceive the amount of work you have is your perception and not someone else’s.  This system and way of life leads to burn out, depression, divorce, and in some instances suicide.  If doctors and academics were honest, the final destination is not something that is to be strived after but rather, rejected!

Being a pilot has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  The change of scenery, the challenge, and the thrill of escaping the world never gets old.  This profession is not for the faint of heart and requires many sacrifices along the way to achieve the milestones that lead to a rewarding career.  Sacrificing birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, concerts, kid’s baseball games, and family dinners are the norm.

Just compartmentalize, they said…

During this time, we are taught to compartmentalize and turn off our emotions.

Good pilots can compartmentalize and turn off anything that is going on outside their lives while they are flying.  Many times, the hard part is getting back to life and addressing the things that were ‘turned-off’ during flight.  We fail to get back to the things that were bugging us and those items get put in our mental trash can to be dealt with at a later date.  Unfortunately, our subconscious mind does not let go of those items and the trash can unceremoniously explodes at a later date spewing years of accumulated garbage into life.

But we continue on and assure ourselves that there is hope.  “If only I can make it to my 30s and finish my training.”

Once training is complete, many find out that the burnout and the accumulated ‘trash’ hasn’t gone away and often persists at a higher level than before.  A week-long trip to the beach to relax may only revive and refresh the mind for about a month but then the weakened physiology returns to its previously damaged state.  We have fallen into a world run by politics, policies, bureaucracy, labor unions, demanding work schedules, inconsistent flight schedules, insurance companies, administrators, and a world filled with uncertainty; this world does not love us back.

In turn, we spend less time with the ones we love, the ones we cherish, our friends, our families, and less time healing.  We willingly subject ourselves to getting hurt.  We feel less support from all those around us as we climb the ladder of life and there is no time to deal with devastating outcomes.  The thought of taking time simply feels weak to our already calloused physiology.

We can find that our expectations, the ones that kept us going while we pushed through training, are much different and often worse than anticipated.  This difference between our expectations and reality fuels the burnout in our lives.

Will it ever get better?

In a vain attempt to improve our happiness, we buy the house, cars, and private school educations.  These purchases may provide some semblance of happiness but many times do not.  High dollar purchases may only fuel the already impending storm brewing if we make the mistake of purchasing these items before putting our money to work for us to generate the wealth that will carry us into our later years.

The art of contentment is essentially learned the hard way and sometimes comes too late.  As our consumerism culture engulfs us, the inflated lifestyle increases the already massive debt burden that we currently shoulder through the college debt, house, boat, cars, toys, and bloated lifestyle.  Are these things giving us happiness or are we being choked by the all-consuming debt leading to a vicious cycle that is challenging to stop?

Not all is lost because this road traveled may lead you to finding your purpose – it helped me!

A financially sound pilot and working-class professional provides more benefit to society because they act, think, and contribute differently than others; their contributions are positive.  Financial independence provides complete control of your job, and allows you to shift focus during your every day life to the things that are important to you.  Your satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency at work increase.

Have a plan

Living a planned and intentional life that is driven by your choices is rewarding, relieving, and satisfying.  By obtaining financial freedom, you get to design the life that you want to live and provide more to those that mean the most to you.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” – Proverb

Are you paving a road to peace or inroads leading to burnout, fatigue, headaches, future pain, and an early demise?

Avoid, disrupt, destroy – rebuild, revamp, re-live!

Disrupt your system and the way that you go about your day!  Question the things that you do that are causing pain that accumulates and tears you down at a later date.  Use a jackhammer and destroy, remove, re-route and re-pave the road that leads to a financially sound and rewarding life.

Do you have a financial strategy that easily includes real-estate in your portfolio?

Finishing up the story at the beginning of this post:

At 71 years old, the retired fighter pilot and business owner took a knee and decided to live a little.  During the first year of retirement, he contracted cancer and died…what a way to go.

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