You can be part owner of an appartment community!
  • Minimum or zero TAX on your cash returns
  • Money for your later years
Passive Apartment Investing Is For You If: 
  • You value your time
  • You want cash-flow but don’t want to fix toilets
  • You want to grow your WEALTH
Viper Ventures buys appartments because:
  • They provide CASH FLOW
  • They survive market ups and downs

Dominic’s Bio

“814 Knots - Canopy Melting Speed” That’s not nearly as fast as Dominic Teich is

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flying through his civilian and military flying career as a decorated F-16 instructor pilot, which included exactly 69 combat missions and 2 deployments to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.  To fly a fighter jet, you have to have a plan – to purchase apartments for PROFIT, you need a PLAN.

No good fighter pilot takes off with their fingers crossed; that’s not how to deal with risk.

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Dominic brings his instructor background, tactical, aggressive, and problem solving mindset that has been honed over many years as a fighter pilot to apartment investing and considers this his true single-seat method to help passive investors increase profit, decrease their tax burden, provide equity, generate cash-flow, and ultimately provide life-long Proactive Wealth™ accumulation.

If you are looking for unique opportunities that

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generate Proactive Wealth™ through apartments coupled with above average experiences for your life, contact Dominic